Tzlil Harush
Vice CEO

Tzlil Harush was born in Beer Sheva, Israel, in 1989.

During high school, Tzlil started her Dance training in the folk style with "Pola" Dance Company, there she performed productions such as:

Musical "Salah Shabati", Yonatan, La Karina and more.

At 2010 Tzlil joined "Bat-Dor" School for one year training program.

During her army service (2007), until today, Tzlil became the manager of "DSP"  (Dance Stage Productions), and also she was managing "Muza Development and Production" Company, there she managed many dance & musical productions such as:

            "Yonatan", "Base 1", "La Karina", Dancers creates - "Dorot" Dance Company, "From Here", "Way", "Fiddler on the Roof", "Glory", "Spanish orchard", "My Mika", "Kopakbana", "Anni", "Rooster Ritual".

Tzlil worked with international and national dance Productions such as:

"Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet",  Co production "Gvanim" Festival with Suzzanne Dellal, Co Production "Smilansky" Festival Beer Sheva.

At 2016, Tzlil became the CEO of the "House Of Dance" Beer Sheva, There she managed "SALE" of "SOL" Dance Company.

during this year Tzlil is a 4th year student of the "Open University" Bee Sheva, for Communication and Management.