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  • Date: 17/01/2018 20:00
  • Location: היכל התרבות מודיעין/Modi'in Theater (Map)


An innovative performance of a unique cooperation between the Chinese Dance Theater from Beijing (BJ9CDT) and the Israeli company "SOL" Dance Company from Be'er Sheva under the artistic direction of Eyal Dadon, a Co production with a team of Chinese and Israeli artists under the Choreography of Dadon -  The golden award winner at the international Choreography Dance competition in Hannover 2015.
Great 14 Israeli and Chinese dancers who express their movement and drama the common and differences between the two rich cultures on stage,  inspired by the visit of the artist Eyal Dadon in Xi'an, famous for the four thousand clay soldiers found buried in the earth and its cultural treasures.
The meaning of the word DU-K / D-K is from the Hebrew language, co-existence DU - KIUM.